The Key to a Collaborative Classroom

Breakout EDU empowers educators to bring active learning to lessons through fun educational puzzles. Played by millions of students worldwide, Breakout EDU offers over 1,800 games in a wide array of topics and subjects, fostering both student's academic and social development.

Many games are designed to be standards-aligned to work with any academic curricula. All games actively challenge players' 4C and SEL skills as students work collaboratively to 'Breakout' of their games!

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Breakout EDU Subscription Options

We offer subscription options for both individual users and schools. Teacher Subscriptions give Breakout EDU access to a single user, and School-Wide Subscriptions give access to multiple users! Explore our subscription options that best fit your needs below.

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Enhance Lessons With Over 1,800 Games

Breakout EDU offers over 1,800 kit-based and digital games that span every grade level. Each game presents a storyline that holds a predicament, inviting students to complete the game in order to help resolve the problem. Students are challenged to work together to solve a series of puzzle locks by searching and analyze clues to find the corresponding lock combination.

Games are available in core subject areas such as Math, ELA, Science, History, and general topics, such as holidays, team-building, and more for everyday play.

Spark Creativity With The Game Design Studio

The Breakout EDU Game Design Studio helps students become creators, not just consumers. It is designed to foster creativity by allowing students to create and share their original Breakout EDU digital games with their teachers and classmates. The Game Design Studio includes our digital game builder, game design courses and mini-lessons, as well as a teacher's guide that walks teachers through how to introduce each course, and printable student extension activities.

Easily Plan Lessons With Standards-Aligned Experiences

Wherever you are in your scope and sequence, you will find Breakout EDU games on key topics and standards. Combining the high-powered strategies of cooperative learning and metacognition, our games are designed to teach a variety of academic standards while keeping students engaged and excited.

  • Unlock 700+ Kit-Based Games

    Breakout EDU has over 700 kit-based games, perfect for an immersive tangible experience.

  • How It Works

    Each Breakout EDU Kit-Based Game has a storyline, and unique printable components. Educators can print necessary materials and set up Breakout EDU boxes as needed for each game storyline. Once ready, students are challenged to work together to read through clues and solve lock combinations to 'Breakout' of the boxes!

  • What's In The Box?

    Breakout EDU Kits include everything you need to set up and play Kit-based games. Each kit includes a large and small lockbox, which students are challenged to 'Breakout' of.

    A hasp and various locks are also provided, which students will work to unlock by solving the correct combinations. Unique tools are also included, such as a USB drive, Red Lens Viewer, UV Flashlight, and Invisible Ink Pen, which students may need to help them uncover clues during games.

    Lastly, each kit has a pair of Hint cards, in case students need a little help while playing a game, and a deck of 4C Cards to help educators facilitate post-game reflection activities.

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What Our Community Is Saying:

"Students loved competing in a digital breakout game!! 100% engagement & brain power."

Love me some @breakoutEDU! My favorite thing to do with my students (and on my days off too, if I’m being honest)

I was SO impressed with the students' communication, collaboration, creativity, & critical thinking skills while breaking out of their virtual @breakoutEDU 

The kids loved it!!!!  It got them working together and thinking critically.  They are already asking for the next one.

Not only are we consolidating and assessing our learning of 'the form and function of materials and matter', but we are promoting collaboration, developing critical thinking skills, and building inference skills - all while having a blast! @breakoutEDU

“The collaboration skills really come into play as the students work together to solve the clues. @breakoutEDU

Supporting Student Development

4C Skills

Breakout EDU games effectively bolster 4C Skills by fostering communication and collaboration. Through our puzzle-based game design, your student’s critical thinking and creativity are challenged as teams explore clues to come up with the right lock combinations.

SEL Skills

Breakout EDU games encourage students to voice their independent thoughts and ideas while helping students practice working together. This creates a collaborative environment that efficiently teaches and improves all SEL skills.

Career Readiness

All Breakout EDU games help cultivate student's 21st Century Skills, which are important for their future beyond academia. Game options outside of core subjects are also available to further develop career readiness.