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Renewal + Kit

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Renewal + Kit

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Unlock the Love of Learning with Breakout EDU!

Gain access to thousands of games (kit-based and digital) that will supercharge engagement and critical thinking skills in any learning environment!

There is a Breakout EDU game for anything and the ability to easily edit existing games or even create your own!

This purchase includes s a 12-month subscription renewal to the Breakout EDU Platform and a complete Breakout EDU Kit (includes the Expansion Pack (Gen. 2))

Breakout EDU Subscription includes

  • Access to 1000s of standards-aligned kit-based and digital games
  • Interactive Game Design courses
  • Game Design Studio to build games (Students and Teachers)
  • Unlimited student accounts
  • Seamless integrations for SSO
  • Monitor usage and track student progress

Breakout EDU Kit Includes

  • Large Breakout EDU Box
  • Small Breakout EDU Box
  • Hasp
  • ABC Multilock
  • Directional Multilock
  • Color Multilock Wheels
  • Shape Multilock Wheels
  • Number Multilock Wheels
  • Key Lock (with 3 keys)
  • 3-Digit Lock
  • 4-Digit Lock
  • Hint Cards (Set of 2)
  • Deck of 4C Cards
  • Invisible Ink Pen
  • UV Flashlight
  • Red Lens Viewer
  • USB Drive (Blank)

Expansion Pack (Gen. 2) Includes:

  • 1 cipher disc
  • 20 cipher wheels 
  • 6 custom dice 

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