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Breakout EDU Kit - Back to School Sale

$125.00 $150.00

Breakout EDU Kit with Platform Access - Limited Offer

1 Full Breakout EDU Kit and 1 Platform Access Code for an individual user.

The Breakout EDU kit includes everything needed to play any of the 1500+ games on the Breakout EDU Platform.

Included in the purchase of the kit is 12 months of full access to the Breakout EDU Platform with over 1500+ Breakout EDU games covering a wide array of subjects.* Teachers can create and assign games to their classes. In addition, students can now create games, which once reviewed, can be shared with a class game library. Also included is the Student Game Design Course to facilitate the game design process.

Each Breakout EDU kit includes the following physical items...

  • 1 Large Breakout EDU Locking Box
  • 1 Small Breakout EDU Locking Box
  • 1 Hasp
  • 1 Alphabet Multilock
  • 1 Directional Multilock
  • 1 Color Wheels for Multilock
  • 1 Shape Wheels for Multilock
  • 1 Number Wheels for Multilock
  • 1 Three-digit lock
  • 1 Four-digit lock
  • 1 Key lock (with three identical keys)
  • 1 Deck of 4C Cards
  • 1 Red Lens Viewer
  • 1 UV light
  • 1 Invisible ink pen
  • 1 USB thumb drive (blank)
  • 2 Hint cards

Breakout EDU Kits ship in one week. Platform Access Code delivered via Email from

Please note that local customs and duties may apply for some International orders.

Platform Access code expires 12 months from the date of activation. Platform Access will be $50 to renew per year.

*Platform Access is designed for individual users (teachers) and can not be shared by multiple users. Learn about school-wide pricing options here.