School Digital Subscription + Kits

$2,499.00 $2,689.00 saving $190.00
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School Digital Subscription + Kits

$2,499.00 $2,689.00 saving $190.00
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Digital Subscription for up to 30 Teachers and 10 Complete Breakout EDU Kits

Gain access to thousands of standards-aligned games, Breakout EDU Kits, and the many features that the Breakout EDU Platform has to offer with this all-in-one purchase for your school or district! Breakout EDU activities supercharge engagement and critical thinking skills in any learning environment and for any academic level by challenging learners with unique, escape room-inspired puzzles. With a variety of digital and hands-on activity options, educators can find the perfect solution that seamlessly integrates into their classroom goals and time allotments. Watch the 4C’s come to life as students use their content knowledge and collaboration skills to beat the clock in time to Breakout. Every student participates, learns, and feels valued in a Breakout EDU classroom!

Breakout EDU Digital Subscription for School Includes:

  • Thousands of standards-aligned games searchable by grade level, subject, and type; including Lock of the Day, Breakout+, Kit-based games, and digital games
  • Assign, track, and monitor student usage and progress in each Teacher's Dashboard
  • Evaluate overall usage in the School Dashboard
  • Easily copy, edit, and customize any Breakout EDU Digital Game
  • Interactive Game Design Courses that walk educators and students through how to build a Breakout game
  • The Game Design Studio featuring Adobe Express allows educators and students to effortlessly create, save, and share your Breakout EDU games
  • A shared school library where educators can save and share games with others in your school
  • Seamless SSO integrations including Classlink and Google Classroom
  • Safe and secure student accounts that are COPPA, FERPA, and Ed Law2D compliant

10 Breakout EDU Kits that include everything needed to create a hands-on Breakout experience! Each kit contains:

  • Large Breakout EDU Box
  • Small Breakout EDU Box
  • Hasp
  • ABC Multilock
  • Directional Multilock
  • Color Multilock Wheels
  • Shape Multilock Wheels
  • Number Multilock Wheels
  • Key Lock (with 3 keys)
  • 3-Digit Lock
  • 4-Digit Lock
  • Hint Cards (Set of 2)
  • Deck of 4C Cards
  • Invisible Ink Pen
  • UV Flashlight
  • Red Lens Viewer
  • USB Drive (Blank)

Every Breakout EDU Kit now includes an Expansion Pack (Gen. 2) which comes with:

  • 1 cipher disc
  • 20 cipher wheels 
  • 6 custom dice 

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